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~ Emery Hutchins ~

What People Are Saying...


Northeast Performer Magazine

"Hutchins brings history alive in such a way it all
but becomes “the present”.

"commanding vocal performance...”

"Emery Hutchins exudes something pure, and elusive spirit that lives in the soil of America, and lives in and on the icy swells of the Atlantic, and in the lands of Great Britain, Ireland, and Scotland."

Tradition Magazine

"exemplary claw hammer banjo playing..."

Celtic Beat Magazine

"Hamish Henderson's classic "Banks Of Sicily." Emery Hutchins knows well the reference point here, the Second World War in which his own father died fighting a very very necessary fight"


CD Reviews of "Away to the West"

Seacoast On Line" 2011

"Hutchins' vocal style and drum blend in combination to create fascinating renditions of traditional and original music"

                                                                                               ...It’s a fun listen

                 "...interesting.  Hutchins uses the bodhran Irish drum that has a distinct primitive sound to frame the compositions of the songs."

                                                    Celtic Beat Magazine 2011


                                                                                   "...a personal and powerful evocation"

                                 "...like finding old treasures in an attic and knowing that they've not lost their relevance to the present."

                                        "This kind of traditional sound,with particular emphasis on the concertina draws you in."

                                                                                              The Wire 2011

                                     " ...banjo, guitar, bodhran and concertina bring a wealth of world music expertise to this album"